From Salt to Jam


Recipe queen Katrina Meynink supercharges your kitchen with 20 flavour bomb sauces, spices, relishes, and jams that unlock 100 fantastic dinner ideas in her brilliant new cookbook From Salt to Jam: Your Sauce Of Inspiration For Flavour-Packed, Condiment-Led Cooking.

Featuring easy and delicious recipes based on bang-for-buck condiments – from harissa to chermoula, chicken salt to chocolate fudge sauce – this family-friendly, beautifully-photographed book will elevate your everyday cooking with ease. Turn a lively lemon curd into an oozy raspberry, lemon and meringue tart, or make a meal out of crisp cauliflower hash browns with a dollop of tahini yoghurt.

Katrina Meynink – one of Australia's most respected recipe writers and popular columnist for food website Good Food – shows you how these simple hacks can help you plan ahead and put interesting food on the table tonight.

This is a colourful guide full of saucy new ideas for your next delicious dinner, with the help of everything from salt to jam.

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