Tonka and White Musk 200ml Diffuser


A cascading aroma of zested lemon and mandarin peel on an intoxicating heart of jasmine with an intriguing twist of white musk.


Open fragrance will bloom within 48 hours To assemble — place glass on a flat, unpainted surface. Gently pour in the diffuser fluid. Take care not to drip fluid onto any surfaces. Set glass lid on top & insert sticks. Dispose of refill bottle responsibly. Maintain the fragrance level by rotating sticks frequently. Take care — always place diffusers on a non-marking surface, protect delicate furniture & wipe spills immediately. Liquid may damage paint & wood. Get the most from your Diffuser For a strong long- lasting fragrance avoid aircon, windows, drafts doorways and direct sunshine. Consider the size of the room you want to fill with fragrance. For large rooms we recommend more than one diffuser. If your fragrance stops blooming, replace your sticks to restore aroma.

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