The Complete Whiskey course

There’s never been a better time to drink whiskey, but where to start? In the short, informative introduction, whiskey expert Robin Robinson demystifies the water of life.
He clearly explains:
Its history and the regions where it's made best
The basics of making it different types and styles
The importance of aging and finishing
Instructions on how to nose and taste whiskey
Then, in a series of basic classes, The Complete Whiskey Course will take you from novice to global connoisseur, with lessons on American whiskey (including bourbon, Tennessee whiskey, and rye), Canadian, Irish, and Japanese whiskies, as well as scotch, and other notable producers around the world.
Each class recommends key, easy-to-find bottles, analyses of aromatics and tastes: sample tasting placemats; and best-of-the-best lists in the bargain, value, special occasion, and splurge price categories.
This thoroughly up-to-date, all-inclusive guide also gives helpful recommendations on how to lead your own tasting, a glossary of select terms, food pairings, tips on starting a whiskey collection, and more.

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