Passionfruit Pavlova Martini


Inspired by a classic Aussie pav, our Passionfruit Pavlova martini screams Summer! The tang of passionfruit & lime, combines with the smoothness of vanilla, & when combined with vodka, triple sec & meringue kissess you will be home amongst the gum trees in no time! 

As always our kits also have the option to make a yummy mocktail so the whole family can enjoy! The mocktail version has a delicious passionfruit drink to combine with the mixer & garnishes that the kids will love.  

Comes with beautiful cut glass martini glasses. 


2 x cut glass martini glasses

Passionfruit lime vanilla mixer enough for 5 cock

Vodka + Triplesec shots 

Passionfruit Sparkling drink ( for the mocktail or sparkling version)

Fresh Passionfruit

Zesty Lime sugar for garnish


Meringue kisses for garnish

Provided in a lovely presentation box.

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