Lychee Mango Martini


A delicious mix of lychees, mango & vodka suggest warm days are on their way!

Each kit contains enough to make 4 martinis. It comprises: 


Mango lychee mixer


2 x Martini Glasses

Edible flowers

The Lychee Martini made waves at least as early as 1993, the year Decibel a well known bar opened in the East Village in New York with a lychee syrup–flavuored vodka Martini. As Decibel owner Bon Yagi explains it, the drink was already being served at the Decibel his brother owned outside of Tokyo; incorporating the drink into the New York bar menu was a practical choice, says Yagi, noting that sake simply wasn’t widely popular in the States.

In a true testament to the drink’s popularity, it spread well beyond its initial breeding ground.


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